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Tourmalinated Quartz Tower

Size: Medium 12 x 4, 316g


Tourmalinated Quartz is getting the best of both worlds. Clear Quartz with Black Tourmaline inclusions. We love the gentle warmth of them, bringing so much yin and yang balanced energy.


Clear Quartz Healing Properties:

+ Absorbs, restores, releases and regulates energy

+ Unblock energy points

+ Deep soul cleanser - Spiritual works

+ Raises energy

+ Code keepers - retains energy frequencies


Black Tourmaline Healing Properties:

+ Powerful spiritual protection stone 

+ Helps to calm those who suffer from anxiety

+ Soothes panic attacks and helps us ground by connecting us with the earth

+ Shields you against Energy Vampires, people that suck the life out of you

+ Protects against electromagnetic smog associated with mobile phones, ipads, laptops and other electronic equipment 


Styling Tip: Place these in the workspaces and study areas, where you may find a little more stress or electrical usage. This will allow the toulmarine to work at its full potential.


Tourmalinated Quartz Tower

SKU: 265
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