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We all do it. Even those who have been collecting crystals for years.


The question being? Do we get that one because it sounds like we need it or do we get that one because it's drawn to us and we can't put it down and we keep picking it up.

So many choices and so many reasons why we need them and why we need more.

Here's the answer...

It's actually all of the above. Sometimes we do seek the help of crystal and sometimes the crystal chooses to help us.

In every circumstance, the crystal is there to help.


There really is no wrong crystal. Even if you do choose a crystal that doesn't connect with you at the time, chances are you'll end up using it later on and be thankful you had it all along.

Just let it go...

Trusting in ourselves is one of the hardest things, as we question ourselves daily. But here's the thing. When it comes to selecting a crystal, this is one of the things you must surrender to.


Trust yourself, trust your gut, trust your instincts. Picking a crystals shouldn't be hard. It's usually the first one you picked up or the one you can't stop thinking about (it's calling for you).







Water Cleansing

We love water! Not only does it physically clean your crystals, it also super charges them.

Give your crystals a beautiful spring water bath or run them under cool water (not too cold) and watch your crystals radiate with life force energy.

Be careful in placing softer crystals into water as they can brake.

Some crystals such as Pyrite, Malachite, Celestite, normally crystals ending with 'ite' are not recommended for water cleansing. Please do some research before placing any crystals in water.


Always discard the water after and never consume the cleansing water as raw crystal pieces can be toxic.


Cleansing your crystal from the first day you receive it, is highly recommended as crystals absorb and store energies from there surroundings.

There are so many ways you can cleanse a crystal and so much information in books or on the internet but here are a few cleansing techniques we can recommend:

Incense Cleansing

Palo Santo and White Sage are the most common incense used for cleansing. It really comes down to personal preference, however if your a beginner I would recommend you start with some white sage.

Using white sage incense sticks is the most easiest way for this method.

Once the incense stick has caught fire, blow it out and use the smoke to cleanse your crystal. Wrap the smoke around the crystal, swirling it through.


Send your crystal some loving vibes and let the incense finish burning.. you may as well cleanse your home while your at it!

Here at Zen Generation we light white sage incense sticks daily.    

*All Crystals from Zen Generation have been cleansed and some have been charged (depending on the moon phase). We still suggest that you still cleanse your crystals so that it may align to your personal vibration.

Full Moon Cleansing

Who doesn't love a full moon! We're obsessed and live by the moon.

Its all about the energy and a Full Moon sure has a lot of it. Place your crystals under the magical rays of a full moon, this can be done 3 days before or after too, a window ledges works best.

Crystal Cleansing

Some Crystals also have the ability to cleanse and recharge other crystals.


If you use your crystals often, a good idea is to place some selenite and clear quartz with them. The selenite will cleanse the crystals whilst the Clear Quartz would recharge them.


Crystal have amazing powers that don't have to be seen to be believed. Their powers comes from what we feel and what we connect with. It's about having trust and faith and believing in energy that exists from the earth. It's about knowing that there is a greater purpose in living a more authentic life.

So how do we know if they work?

We don't. We can only go off how we feel. How did we feel before we had it and how do we feel after using the crystal. 

If you think about it.. Crystals radiate energy and so do we, so it's only natural that we are able to align ourselves with a higher vibration, thus meaning we are able to enjoy and benefit from their natural healing properties.

Healing crystals can be used for many purposes including; easing anxiety, aiding in sleep, relieving sickness, attracting love & prosperity, overcoming sadness, protection and energetic or spiritual grounding.

Watch this space for updates on Crystal Healing Proprieties.

Coming Soon...

*Please note that if you are seeking professional medical advice, please see a medical practitioner. Crystals are used for therapeutic and energetic healing practices and are never to be ingested.




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