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AAA+ Brazilian Smoky Quartz (as pictured)

Size: XXS - 3 x 2 cm, 13g

Clarity: Highest grade with perfect points and clarity. They are completely 100% Natural and have not been heat-treated!


Smokey Quartz is a beautiful stone to have in any corner of the home. It can neutralise negative vibrations and it brings emotional calmness, relieving stress, and helping anxiety.


Smoky Quartz healing properties:

+ Grounding

+ Detoxing

+ Transmitting +/vibrations

+ Absorbing -/energy

+ Protection Shield (spiritual realm)

+ Lifts depression

+ Relieves emotional stress & anxiety


Styling Tips: This is definitely a sacred space or a display cabinet piece. They are small and fragile so you may want to give this piece, some extra love and care. 


AAA+ Brazilian Smoky Quartz Cluster - xxs

SKU: 220
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