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Selenite Polished Hexagon Tealight Holders

Size: 8cm


Selenite embodies the essence of purity and clarity and is perfect for cleansing and self love practices. Having them around the house helps to bring out calmness and allows the energy of the house to be refocused and re-cleansed.


Selenite is known for:

+ Cleansing and regeneration of energy

+ Removes negative energies

+ Calms hyperactivity and anxiety

+ Activates dormant abilities

+ Unlocks memory of past and future lives

+ Enhances psychic abilities

+ Accesses angelic consciousness and higher guidance

+ Encourages self-awareness


Styling Tips: Place them in bathrooms (away from water), Use them with your bathing ritual or place them in your sacred spaces.


Selenite Polished Hexagon Tealight Holders

SKU: 71
  • Selenite is super soft so when working with selenite please be mindful and handle them with care - no water.

    For younger kids selenite pieces need to be placed up high in out of reach areas.

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