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Polished Selenite Towers - Ring Pyramids 6cm


Selenite embodies the essence of purity and clarity and is perfect for cleansing and self love practices .. having them around the house helps to bring out calmness and allows the energy of the house to be refocused and re-cleansed.


Selenite Healing Properties:

+ Cleansing and regeneration of energy

+ Regulate hormonal changes in the body

+ Stabilises physical and energetic disturbances

+ Regeneration of blood cells, aiding in youthful looking skin

+ Calms hyperactivity and anxiety

+ Reduces fluid retention and bloating

+ Aids in Fertility


Styling Tips: Place in bathrooms (away from water), Use for bath styling or place in sacred spaces.


*Selenite is super soft so when working with selenite please be mindful and handle them with care - no water. For younger kids selenite pieces need to be placed high in out of reach areas.


Selenite Ring Holders - 6cm

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