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Rutilated Mixed Quartz - Tumbled Stones

Size: 2-3cm


Rutilated Quartz is a powerful manifestation stone and used during meditation or spiritual work as a channel, connecting you to the spiritual realm or light energy.


Usually set in clear quartz or smoky quartz. Its hairline structures act as an antenna connecting your thoughts while amplifying manifestation.  


Rutilated Quartz Properties:  

+ Helps you to release negative energy. 

+ Assist in realigning your aura. 

+ Accelerate manifestation. 

+ Channel Light energy for healing.


Tips: Tumbled stones are great to carry around in your pocket or your bags as they don't easily scratch and are not sharp. Keep them in your sacred space with your other precious crystals.


*Our Raw and Tumbled Stones are hand-selected and are chosen for you through vibrational frequency. 


Rutilated Mixed Quartz - Tumbled Stones

SKU: 378
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