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Rose Quartz Polished Free Form - As pictured

Size: Large - Approx. 8 x 6 x 5cm, 342g


*High Quality with milky rainbow inclusions, transparent and dreamy. There is a teeny tiny chip that we found that isn't noticeable, it doesn't affect the beauty of this piece, we just thought you should know about it.


What a magical piece! Super High AAA+ Quality and beautifully polished. You won't see pieces like this often. 


Rose Quartz is the stone for all universal love! Most importantly Love for yourself!


Having a Rose Quartz by your bed can radiate those love vibes, sending calm and soft flow energy all around. Making a more peaceful night's rest.


Rose Quartz Healing Properties:

+ Unconditional love

+ Purifies the heart

+ Dissolves anger and resentment

+ Attracts love

+ Detaches love and heartaches

+ Comforts grief

+ Deep emotional healing through self love and acceptance


Useful Tips: They are great to hold and when used in meditation, they can be a powerful tool to channel light.


Rose Quartz Polished Free Form - Large

SKU: 694
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