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This beautiful Rose Quartz bangle is hand made using the highest quality of Rose Quartz.

Sizes: Measured by ​inner circumference - Approx. Small 6.1cm x 1.5cm


A perfect gift for anyone, including for yourself. Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love!


Rose Quartz is the stone for trust, love, compassion and healing. A stone of the heart. Rose Quartz connects directly to the Heart Chakra, resolving emotional wounds, resentments or fears. Sometimes Love is all we need!


Rose Quartz Healing Properties:

+ Unconditional love

+ Purifies the heart

+ Dissolves anger and resentment

+ Attracts love

+ Detaches love and heartaches

+ Comforts grief

+ Deep emotional healing through self-love and acceptance


Styling Tips: Stack them, but if you're after a more simple look, just pair it with something gold or silver.


Rose Quartz Polished Bangles - Unconditional Love

SKU: 546
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