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Rose Quartz Mini Round Slabs 

Size: Approx. 5 x 5 x 1.5cm, 115g

*Rose Quartz Crystal Palettes will be chosen for you through vibrational frequency.


Rose Quartz Slabs are great palm stones or can be used in your beauty routine. Place them in your beauty fridge, then place on puffy eyes for some cool soothing loving healing.


We also love to use these Slabs for placing our precious rings to infuse them loving energy. These can also be used for eyelash extension glue and for makeup application (mixing concealer). They are portable and so easy to clean.


Rose Quartz is the stone for all universal love!

Most importantly Love for yourself!


Having a Rose Quartz by your bed can radiate those love vibes, sending calm and soft flow energy around.. making a more peaceful night's rest.


Rose Quartz Healing Properties:

+ Unconditional love

+ Purifies the heart

+ Dissolves anger and resentment

+ Attracts love

+ Detaches love and heartaches

+ Comforts grief

+ Deep emotional healing through self-love and acceptance


Styling Tips: Place them in your handbag, makeup bag or on your dresser so you can easily use them for everything! 


Rose Quartz Mini Round Slabs - Unconditional Love

SKU: 366
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