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Rhodonite Mini Towers - Intuitively Chosen

Size: Approx. 3.4cm, 19g


Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, which is used for healing emotional wounds and clearing out past relationship blockages.


As Rhodonite is an emotional balancer, this medium tower is a great piece to place in kids bedrooms or smaller common areas. It helps to resolve disagreements and arguments, therefore generating healing vibes that will restore deep wounds.


Rhodonite Healing Properties:

+ Clears emotional self-destructive harmful behaviours

+ Releases anger, abuse and codependency

+ Encourages unselfishness and forgiveness and generosity

+ Stimulating the metabolism, purifying and releasing the body of damage or disease.

+ Effective in supporting the detoxification process, strengthening the physical body.

+ Activates the heart, while stimulating and clearing emotional trauma

+ Grounds energy & balances yin and yang

+ Helps to bring peace to troubled relationships

+ Guides in acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love.

Rhodonite Mini Towers - Compassion

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