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RAW Pink Tourmaline *intuitively chosen

Size: Small is approx 4-6cm


All raw crystal forms are personally chosen through vibrational frequencies.


Pink Tourmaline is a beautiful soft crystal that inspires us to trust in love and focuses more on self-love!


It carries a gentle caring and loving vibrations, protecting you against misfortune and endangerment. 


Pink Tourmaline Healing Properties:  

+ Calms destructive thought while releasing emotional baggage. 

+ Eases anxiety and depression.

+ Helps with sleep. 

+ Comforts, calms and grounds spiritually sensitive children. 

+ Draws in self-confidence and fearlessness.  

+ Attracts love, happiness and joy towards you 

+ Enhance compassion, serenity and balance. 

+ Assist in positive transformation focusing on strength, tolerance, and understanding.  

+ Excellent channelling crystal for communication with your higher self and spiritual guidance. 


Styling Tips: Raw pieces are just the best! They generate the pure essence of the earth and having them around the home, not only brings out great energy but adds colour and natural elements to help balance the home. 


RAW Pink Tourmaline - Small

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