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Pink x Clear Quartz Natural Cluster (As pictured)

Size: Approx - 5.5cm x 6cm x 6.5cm, 109g

*Tinges of pink 


Pink Quartz is created by a natural iron oxide process which gives it a pink colour created naturally by the earth. Pink Quartz is the stone of Harmony. It connects us with the earth and grounds us with its unique calming and compassionate abilities. It is also a quartz crystal which gives it the same unique abilities as clear quartz. 


Pink Quartz Properties: 

+ Aids us in our emotional healing. 

+ Encourages forgiveness and understanding.   

+ Resonates with heart, creating soft balanced feminine energy.  

+ Nurtures self-love and acceptance toward ones-self.
+ Guidance towards your life path. 


Clear Quartz the Master Healer, helps us to unwind and helps us focus our thoughts inwards. Believed to energize and heal the body, Clear Quartz also acts as an amplifier towards other crystals and may be programmed into a substitute healing crystal.


Clear Quartz Properties:

+ Re-energises and cleanses other crystals

+ Absorbs, restores, releases, and regulates energy

+ Unblock energy points

+ Deep soul cleanser - Spiritual works

+ Raises energy

+ Code keepers - retains energy frequencies


Pink x Clear Quartz Natural Cluster - Small

SKU: 1100
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