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Pink Opal Tower (chosen through vibrational frequency)

Sizes: XS Approximately L: 7-9cm x W: 2-3cm 


Pink Opal is known to help ease anxiety and calm stress. It’s an emotional balancer that carries a very feminine vibration that radiates softness and gentleness. Opening the heart, encouraging love, and healing past love wounds.


Pink Opal Benefits:

+ Emotional healing and balance

+ Centers the heart, aiding in emotional heart-ache

+ Calms excessive fear and worry

+ Relieves anxiousness while dissipating stress


Styling Tips: We keep one next to our bedside but you can also place these in your study or sacred space. The gentle pink hues really help to calm and ground us. 


Pink Opal Tower XS

SKU: 289
$30.00 Regular Price
$21.00Sale Price


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