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Pink Opal - Raw (as pictured)

Size: 10 x 8 x 5.5, 374g 


Pink Opal is known to help ease anxiety and calm stress. It’s an emotional balancer that carries a very feminine vibration that radiates softness and gentleness. Opening the heart, encouraging love, and healing past love wounds.


These Cubes can be styled flat or on an angle. Style them flat and place jewellery or your favourite perfume, for an eye-catching display.


Pink Opal Healing Benefits:

+ Emotional healing and balance

+ Centers the heart, aiding in emotional heart-ache

+ Calms excessive fear and worry

+ Relieves anxiousness while dissipating stress


Styling Tips: Place in your home office, on the desk to help create a less stressful working environment. We also like to have Pink Opal by our beds so that we can settle in for the night.


Pink Opal - Raw Formation

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