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Picasso Jasper x Herkimer Diamond Bracelet

Size:  8mm or 10mm 


Available in Medium - if you need a Small, let us know in the notes.


For Men - Please let us know in the notes if you wish to have no Hermiker Diamond.


Picasso Jasper is a relationship transformation stone, it reminds us to look inwards and helps us to understand our inner feelings and thoughts, bring awareness towards our inner strength, encouraging honesty within ourselves.  


Being a Jasper, which is known as the ultimate nurturer. It's extremely helpful to those who need a reminder to enjoy and celebrate life by bringing emotional balance to soothe heartaches or past relationship trauma. 


Picasso Jasper Healing Properties: 

+ Emotional balancer that can help ease heartache. 

+ Guides and assists us in transformation with relationships. 

+ Being a joyful stone, it promotes happiness and a positive outlook. 

+ Attracts like-minded people towards us.  

+ Helps to renew old friendships that had been lost.  

+ It also eases the tension between people and helps you to handle situations in a calm manner. 


Styling Tips: Wear the bracelet with your watch or on the opposite side to avoid scratching. You may also like to stack them for a little more energy boost.


Picasso Jasper x Herkimer Diamond Bracelet

$60.00 Regular Price
$42.00Sale Price


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