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Picasso Jasper Skull - XS - (as pictured)

Sizes: Approximately 5 x 3cm, 98g


Picasso Jasper is a relationship transformation stone, it reminds us to look inwards and helps us to understand our inner feelings and thoughts, bring awareness towards our inner strength, encouraging honesty within ourselves.  


Being a Jasper, which is known as the ultimate nurturer. It's extremely helpful to those who need a reminder to enjoy and celebrate life by bringing emotional balance to soothe heart-aches or past relationship trauma. 


Picasso Jasper Healing Properties: 

+ Emotional balancer that can help ease heart-ache. 

+ Guides and assists us in transformation with relationships. 

+ Being a joyful stone, it promotes happiness and a positive outlook. 

+ Attracts likeminded people towards us.  

+ Helps to renew old friendships that had been lost.  

+ It also eases the tension between people and helps you to handle situations in a calm manner. 


Styling Tips: These skulls are so cute and very sturdy that you can even carry them in your handbag. At home, we place these in our sacred space as we love the extra energy of a skull. If you feel lonely, these are perfect for your bedside table!


Picasso Jasper Skull - XS

SKU: 350
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