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Phantom Quartz Cluster - Large

Size: Approx: 10 x 4 x 5cm, 323g


A Phantom Quartz is a variety of quartz that forms over pre-existing crystals, making them visible within the quartz. The crystal continues to grow, leaving an image of itself where it was at the time of crystallization. Just like a photograph.


Phantom Quartz are incredibly powerful crystals as they radiate with double the energy. They connect directly with the earth; Some shamans refer to Phantom Quartz as the light stone, meaning the light within us all. According to Toltec wisdom, every organism on this earth is a light being, all stemming from the same source and we’re all connected. 

+ Helping us move past “stuck.” blockages

+ Activates the Crown chakra - divine wisdom from higher realms of consciousness.

+ Enhance intuition and facilitate a connection with your spirit guide.

+ Access divine wisdom 

Phantom Quartz Cluster - Large

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