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Ocean Jasper x Herkimer Diamond Bracelet

Size: 7mm Medium


Available in Medium - if you need a Small, let us know in the notes.


Ocean Jasper is also known as Sea Jasper, Cellular Jasper or the Atlantis Stone. It’s all about self-love and happiness. It’s uplifting and embodies the loving energy of the sea, which helps with lifting depression and stopping thoughts of self-doubt. Through life's ups and downs, Ocean Jasper teaches us to ride the wave, let go and go with the flow. 


Ocean Jasper is a powerful crystal for those who are too generous and tend to give more than they receive back. Energetically and Physically. This stone will help balance those intentions, providing you with the kindness and support that you tend to show others. The soft loving ocean energy of this crystal encourages you to treat yourself on a similar level of love, by opening your heart with appreciation and making yourself a priority every day.

This stone is all about the good life and encourages you to embrace your life. When working with Ocean Jasper, it’s best to keep it close in hand as it tends to open up sensitive feelings that have been locked away for some time. Having an OJ crystal will help resolve internal fight issues and allow you to see uncomfortable issues of the heart with a clearer perspective.


Ocean Jasper Benefits: 

+ Extremely uplifting and nurturing

+ Encourages you to embrace love, happiness and joy

+ Supports you on your self-love and self-reflection journey

+ Provides you with a feeling of calm and serenity represented by the ocean

+ Abundant energy of tranquillity and bliss - helps you to find contentment 

+ Heals and helps you find resolutions for your emotions, relationships, and most importantly yourself. 


Herkimer Diamond is known as the stone of Ascension. Use as a prism, this will amplify any stone it is stored with.


Herkimer Diamonds are so mesmerizing because they contain the purest energy. They are powerful amplifiers and produce solid life force energy. 


Use Herkimer during meditation or healing, as they transmit and receive spiritual energy, amplifying your intent. Being an ascension stone, they will allow you to draw in the highest energy directly from source. 


Herkimer Diamonds Healing Properties:  

+ Perfect conduits of the Universal Life Force

+ Great for mirror, dream and vision work

+ Assist in channelling work, attuning you to the Divine essence

+ Enhance communication with your spirit guides

+ Purifies your energy field


Styling Tips: Stack them. The more, the better!

But if you're after a more simple look, just pair it with something gold or silver.


Ocean Jasper x Herkimer Diamond Bracelet

SKU: 839
  • Small: For wrist size 18cm

    Medium: For wrist size 19cm

    Custom Sizing Available - Just choose your closest size, then let us know in the notes, what wrist size you are and we’ll work it out for you.

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