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Brown Jasper Oval Bowl - As Pictured

Size: XL - 11 x 16 x 5.5cm, 947g


Brown Jasper is also known as Egyptian marble is known as a powerful protection stone for both the physical and spiritual realm. It is deeply connected to the earth, therefore being a natural grounding stone. Its frequency helps with deep meditation and allows you to easily access the spiritual world where deep healing can begin. 


Being a Jasper, which is known as the ultimate nurturer. It's extremely helpful to those who need a reminder to enjoy and celebrate life by bringing emotional balance to soothe heart-aches or past relationship trauma. 


Brown Jasper can also help to alleviate stress and bring stability and balance. It carries a cleansing effect removing negative energy and stabilizing the aura. 


+ Great for deep meditation work - Induce tranquillity 

+ Worry stone for fear, anger or panic.  

+ Effective for banishing nightmares or negative thoughts. 

+ Helpful in reducing insecurity about money or work.


Styling Tips: Such a beautiful bowl to place in the work office or study! Just looking at this piece makes you feel so calm and relaxed.


Brown Jasper Oval Bowl - XL

SKU: 412
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