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Black Tourmaline Large Cube

Size: Approx. 5-6cm *one side is slightly longer.


Working from home more and homeschooling, it's probably best that we try and protect ourselves from EMF (electromagnetic fields). There is so much electronic usage, it's pretty hard staying focused and grounded.


Tourmaline is a highly protective stone. Protecting those from all negative energies including environmental pollutants and EMFs. It is highly useful in purifying and neutralizing the energy around its space. Black Tourmaline also acts as a psychic shield that deflects and dispels negative energies or destructive forces.

Black Tourmaline Healing Properties:

+ Powerful spiritual protection stone 

+ Helps to calm those who suffer from anxiety

+ Soothes panic attacks and helps us ground by connecting us with the earth

+ Shields you against Energy Vampires, people that suck the life out of you

+ Protects against electromagnetic smog associated with mobile phones, ipads, laptops and other electronic equipment 


Black Tourmaline Large Cube

SKU: 1145
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