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Moroccan Desert Rose / Gypsum Rose - Natural Formation 

Size: Large - Approx. 15 x 9 x 6cm, 582g


We love texture and our maman earth surely delivered!


Desert Rose Selenite or Gypsum Rose is used to help you stay grounded and balanced. Aiding in manifestation, self-expression and being truer to your higher self. 


Used in meditation to help you achieve a higher state of consciousness, these babies will help restore and align your unbalanced energy points within your body aka Chakras.


Desert Rose Healing Properties:

+ Assist in mental clarity and focus

+ Calming and cleansing 

+ Strengthens intuition and truth

+ Restore balance and raises your vibration

+ Aids in manifestation


Styling Tips: Style as a centerpiece. Place on books or on shelving and show it off!


**Cleanse with care. Use white sage incense smoke or place under a full moon instead of water. Desert rose is a form of selenite and may break when handled roughly. We also love the natural earthy sand that's been attached to them so we wouldn't want to remove that.


Moroccan Desert Rose / Gypsum Rose - Large

SKU: 540
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