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Pink Calcite Trinket Bowls - Intuitively chosen for you.

Size: Small - Approx. 7.5 x 3.5cm, 110-115g 


Lightworkers and healers, this stone is for you.


Mangano Pink Calcite has a very similar energy to Rose Quartz where it connects with the heart and is also a stone for universal love.


It has a beautiful soft flowing energy that has an angelic essence, making you feel nurtured, safe and protected. If you are looking at doing some deep heart healing work, this is a must add to your collection. It is a healing stone that has gentle but very potent energy.


Mangano Pink Calcite is very useful if you are emotionally unbalanced and tend to suppress your emotions. It will align your crown chakra to your heart chakra and will help you to develop deep compassion for both yourself and others. 


Connecting to the heart, it helps you to let go of toxic emotional patterns and behaviours. It inspires deep love and is extremely beneficial for those who are suffering from any type of emotional trauma such as raw grief over the loss of a loved one, a nasty breakup, or physical and emotional abuse.


Pink Calcite:

- Helps you to overcome self-criticism or self-blame.

- Aids you with self confidence, motivating you to achieve your goals

- Enhances your sense of compassion towards others.

- Give you strength to cope with emotional pain.

- Prevents nightmares and in dealing with post-traumatic stress.

- Provides strength to the heart and mind. 

Mangano Pink Calcite Trinket Bowls - Small

SKU: 761
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