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Malachite Polished Slice - As Pictured

Size - Approx. 6.5 x 4 x 1cm, 90g


Malachite is a stone of Transformation and Manifestation!


This stone radiates with flow and energy, outlined by its lines and circles seen on its structure. Malachite stimulates Life Force Energy and is spiritually inviting.  


Malachite is also an ancient Protection Stone. Protecting you from the ‘evil eye’ and warding off negative events from happening.  


+ Provides you with spiritual guidance  

+ Helps with changing and adapting into new situations 

+ Clears and activates the chakras 

+ Manifestation – helps turn your visions into reality  
+ Absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the psychical body 

+ Encourage change from old thought patterns 

+ Stimulates dreams. 


Useful Tips: These pieces are pocket sized perfect. Carry these around with you or place on your chakras for clearing.


Malachite Polished Slice - Small

SKU: 718
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