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Luna Water Cleansing Atomiser Spray - 10ML

Filled: Charged Moon Water with Clear Quartz Crystals.


Luna water has been charged under the illumination of the Full Moon and is infused with Clear Quartz Crystals to amplify its energy. It is used to cleanse a room or sacred space, alter or ritual tools, the aura of a person or your crystals.


If you suffer from nightmares or feel a negitive energy around you, spray Luna Water around you or your space to remove anything that doesn't belong there.


These are easy to carry and keep in your bag for when you need a instant raise in vibration or energy lift. If you need to cleanse a room that you can't use incense in because of the smell or smoke, use Luna Water instead (great for hospital rooms).  


Luna Water Cleansing Spray - 10ML

SKU: 1208
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