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Lavender Rose Quartz Tower (as pictured)

Size: 12 x 3cm, 199g


Lavender Quartz is a Rose Quartz that contains a high level of titanium or manganese, therefore turning it into a lovely soft purple colour.  


Just like the Rose Quartz, it is connected to all aspects of love including self, friendship, family and romantic love.  


This crystal aids in compassion and encourages forgiveness, connecting you with your inner child. It is a great stone to use for the beginning of your self-love and self-healing journey.  


Lavender Quartz is known for: 

+ Peaceful and calming therefore reducing stress and tension.  

+ It can help to clear anger, resentment and guilt. 

+ Aids in dissipating fear and jealousy.  

+ Balances and heals emotional wounds including grief.  


Styling Tips: Style towers on crystal slabs or trays, next to our incense burner or a candle. Keep these in your scared space to use for meditation or just to have around you, while you're doing any self-healing work.


Lavender Rose Quartz Tower - Medium

SKU: 347
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