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Lapis Lazuli  Polished Tower (As Pictured)

Size: Large 17 x 5.5 x 4.7cm, 806g


This is an excellent stone for studying, career growth, teachers or for leaders.


Lapis Lazuli is found in Afghanistan and was one of the first stones used to make jewellery. It’s deep blue colour symbolises Royalty, Honor, Spirit, Vision and Universal Truth.


Lapis Lazuli is actually a mix of multiple minerals such as Lazurite, Pyrite, Sodalite and Calcite. It is a stone of awareness; bringing new visions, information, stimulating psychic abilities and enhancing the intellectual mind. It is believed that Lapis is a spiritual stone, used by teachers, healers, high priestesses and royalty, in order to gain inner visions, truth, protection and power. 


+ Stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding.

+ Aids in studying and learning. 

+ Excellent for enhancing memory

+ Clear negative and repetitive thought patterns - self-sabotaging 

+ Calms feelings of frustration, agitation and anger. 

+ Activates the higher consciousness and enhances your intellectual ability. 


Crystal Tips: Towers are used as generators and can be used in the centre of a crystal grid to draw in and enhance power. Towers can also amplify, uplift and purify energy. Place towers in areas that need to be re-energized.


Lapis Lazuli  Polished Tower - Large

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