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Herkimer Diamond Stud Earrings

Size: Approx. 0.5cm (Silver 925)


Herkimer Diamond is known as the stone of Ascension. Use as a prism, this will amplify any stone it is stored with.


Herkimer Diamonds are so mesmerizing because they contain the purest energy. They are powerful amplifiers and produce solid life force energy. 


Use Herkimer during meditation or healing, as they transmit and receive spiritual energy, amplifying your intent. Being an ascension stone, they will allow you to draw in the highest energy directly from source. 


Herkimer Diamonds Healing Properties:  

+ Perfect conduits of the Universal Life Force

+ Great for mirror, dream and vision work

+ Assist in channelling work, attuning you to the Divine essence

+ Enhance communication with your spirit guides

+ Purifies your energy field


Herkimer Diamond Stud Earrings

SKU: 848
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