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Hemimorphite (Calamine) Sphere XL

Size: Approx. 9.5cm, 1.075kg


A stone of higher consciousness and wellbeing, Hemimorphite brings total balance to the auric field, dissolving negativity while opening and clearing the higher chakras.


A powerful metaphysical stone, assisting in connecting with light energy and higher frequencies.

Its vibration attracts spirit guides and angelic beings, therefore is used to enhance your communication as a medium or a channeller. This stone connects with the highest spiritual levels and multi-dimensions.


Hemimorphite Properties:

+ Assist with hormonal imbalances, including PMS symptoms

+ Opening up your consciousness to communicate with the higher realm.

+ Encourages you to speak your truth.

+ Integrates vibrational light energy into your personal energy field. 

+ Promotes healing for the brain, balances and aids dyslexics

+ Aids in psychic vision on all levels


Useful Tips: They are great to hold and when used in meditation, they can be a powerful tool to channel information from the spiritual realm. For styling, They make a great statement piece so place them on the coffee table or display them on shelving.


Hemimorphite (Calamine) Sphere XL

SKU: 648
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