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Green Fluorite x Calcite x Clear Quartz & Pyrite Specimen - Medium

Size: Approx - 8cm x 6.5cm x 5cm, 286g


What a Specimen! One side has Green Fluorite, while the other has cubic Calcite, covered by quartz and set on Pyrite.


Fluorite Properties: 

+ Absorbs and neutralizes negative energy, limiting beliefs and stress

+ Brings focus, concentration and self-confidence

+ Helps in decision-making and in understanding new information

+ Encourages positivity & clarity

+ Heightens intelligence and is believed to help raise your I.Q. 

+ Harmonizes with electronics and draws off negative EMFs. 

+ Improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally. 

+ Learning aid to assists with focus, concentration and decision-making. 


Calcite is a very well known crystal, coming in a variety of forms and colours. It's a stone for opening up towards higher consciousness. Generally used for spiritual work, this piece is one for the wisdom and guidance seekers.


Clear Quartz Properties:

+ Re-energises and cleanses other crystals

+ Absorbs, restores, releases, and regulates energy

+ Unblock energy points

+ Deep soul cleanser - Spiritual works

+ Raises energy

+ Code keepers - retains energy frequencies


Pyrite Healing Properties:

+ Seals energy leaks and mends auric tears

+ Promotes good physical health and emotional well-being

+ Focuses energy to helping you achieve your goals

+ Manifest wealth, prosperity and abundance

+ Stimulates intellect and enhances memory

Green Fluorite x Calcite x Clear Quartz & Pyrite Specimen

SKU: 1120
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