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Golden Healer Quartz - as pictured

Size: Medium - Approx. 15 x 10 x 5cm, 591g


Golden Healers are created by a yellow iron oxide process which stains the quartz internally, giving it a natural golden colour. This is naturally created by the earth and is considered quite rare. 


Golden Healers are Master Healers as its base structure is of Clear Quartz. It can access the ‘golden ray’ which is the highest vibration of light. 


They can be used for all types of healing work and have the ability to clean everything within your auric field, replacing it with the golden ray. It can even cleanse cellular structures, releasing past behaviours and social conditioning.


Golden Healers also help you stay connected with the spiritual realms, allowing access to divine consciousness and the divine will.


Golden Healer Properties:

+ Raises your vibrational frequency 

+ Promotes happiness, warmth and joy

+ Connects and realigns all your chakras and balances the Yin & Yang energies.

+ Dissolves and releases internal energy blockages. 

+ Restores your body’s natural balance and harmony.

+ Cellular memory healer, great for reprogramming and for multi-dimensional healing. 

+ Cleanses and stimulates the immune system, bringing the body back onto balance.


*Stand not included.


Golden Healer Quartz Cluster - Medium

SKU: 1058
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