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Smoky Quartz x Iron Oxide Naturally Shaped Plate - XXL

(Black Tourmalinated Quartz Inclusions)


Size: Approx. 23.5 x 21.5 x 5cm,1,686kg


Have you ever seen anything like this? These bowls are made from smoky quartz that have iron oxide on the raw base, giving it a beauiful honey golden under tone.


This bowl has Tourmalinated Ritual Inclusions inside which you can clearly see on the edges of this natural forming bowl. Such an incredible piece from nature.


These are rare pieces and 100% naturally forming shaped bowls.


Smokey Quartz is a beautiful stone to have in any corner of the home. It can neutralise negative vibrations and it brings emotional calmness, relieving stress, and helping anxiety.


Smoky Quartz healing properties:

+ Grounding

+ Detoxing

+ Transmitting +/vibrations

+ Absorbing -/energy

+ Protection Shield (spiritual realm)

+ Lifts depression

+ Relieves emotional stress & anxiety

Smoky Quartz x Iron Oxide Naturally Shaped Plate - XXL

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