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Garden Spheres Lodolite Spheres

Size: Small 3cm, 48g

*Stand not included.


Lodolite is also referred to as garden sphere or ghost phantom and they normally have inclusions that resemble a beautiful garden or landscape. Included inside the amazing garden quartz, other crystals such as Feldspar and Chlorite give the inclusions their colour tones of green, red, orange and cream.   


Garden Spheres are a Manifestation Stone, they remind us to connect and to be happy with the wonders of the earth. They hold mystical ancient knowledge that guides us by enhancing our communication and helping us to be present with our spiritual awareness. 


Lodolite is known for: 

+ Attracting loving energies towards your life.  

+ Helps you to focus on your external awareness  

+ Embodies hope and dreams to whoever possesses it.  

+ Healing vibration which helps you with kindness, compassion and appreciation in your relationships. 

 + Stimulates the creative mind and encourages the inner dreamers to be inspired. 


Styling Tips: We love that these pieces are all very unique and none are ever the same. Holding ancient knowledge from millions of years, these powerful garden quartzes are a must-have for anyone practising their spiritual path. Display these pieces somewhere where everyone can see them. A little piece of magic goes a long way. We personally love them in the office, as sometimes we forgot to look outside. 

Garden Spheres Lodolite Spheres - Small

SKU: 330
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