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Fire Quartz x Herkimer Diamond Bracelet

Size:  8mm Medium


Available in Medium - if you need a Small, let us know in the notes.


Fire Quartz is a quartz that contains red hematite which gives it, it’s red hues. 


Fire Quartz is a great stone to work with, especially for those who need to understand their emotions. It’s a stone of understanding and balances the mind, body and spirit, therefore create balance. 


Fire Quartz is known to: 

+ Builds and strengthen self-esteem, emotions and self-worth. 

+ Focusses on concentration, calms anxieties while stabilizing emotional challenges, 

+ Change negative thoughts patterns into a positive one,  

+ Brings clarity and understanding to our emotions, calms anxieties, 

+ Improves focus for people who usually have short attention spans. 

+ Use for the healing of the base chakra and for people who need to ground erratic behaviours. 


Styling Tips: Wear the bracelet with your watch or on the opposite side to avoid scratching. You may also like to stack them for a little more energy boost.


Fire Quartz x Herkimer Diamond Bracelet

SKU: 679
  • Small: For wrist size 18cm

    Medium: For wrist size 19cm

    Custom Sizing Available - Just choose your closest size, then let us know in the notes, what wrist size you are and we’ll work it out for you.

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