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Fire Quartz Cube - Small (as pictured on the left)

Size: Small - 4cm, 198g


Fire Quartz is a quartz that contains red hematite which gives it, its red hues. 


Fire Quartz is a great stone to work with, especially for those who need to understand their emotions. It’s a stone of understanding and balances the mind, body and spirit, therefore create balance. 


Fire Quartz is known to: 

+ Builds and strengthen self-esteem, emotions and self-worth. 

+ Focusses on concentration, calms anxieties while stabilizing emotional challenges, 

+ Change negative thoughts patterns into a positive ones,  

+ Brings clarity and understanding to our emotions, calms anxieties, 

+ Improves focus for people who usually have short attention spans. 

+ Use for the healing of the base chakra and for people who need to ground erratic behaviours. 


Styling Tips: Fire Quartz reminds us of Power! These crystals are great to place in areas of work and study. It helps us to clear our thoughts and focuses on the task at hand.  


Fire Quartz Cube - Small

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