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Feather Green Fluorite Sphere - Medium/Large

Sizes: Approximately 6cm, 388g

Clarity: Forest Green with clear, flash and rainbow inclusions. White Scolecite inclusions that give the illusion of feathers within the stone.


Fluorite is an excellent learning tool for study or work, it helps with thought and concentration, helping you to absorb information, whilst improving your memorization. 


Depending on their colour, they target different chakra points and can help align or repair ruptures within your aura. 


Fluorite Properties: 

+ Encourages positivity and a healthier mindset.

+ Absorbs and neutralizes negative energy, limiting beliefs and stress.

+ Brings focus, self-confidence, concentration and decision-making.

+ Helps in decision-making and in understanding new information

+ Harmonizes with electronics and draws off negative EMFs. 

+ Improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally. 

Feather Green Fluorite Sphere - Medium/Large

SKU: 1178
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