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Enhydro Quartz - As pictured

Size: Approx. 6 x 2.5 x 2cm


*Contains 3 water bubbles (might contain more).


Enhydro quartz are one super power quartz crystals that contain pure uncontaminated water, which has been trapped inside for Millions of years.


The bubbles are formed through gas bubbles which have been captured through the growth of the crystal and are considered highly valuable and sometimes rare depending on the inclusions. Moving visible bubbles are the most sought after as they are harder to obtain.


Enhydro crystals are ideal for those who are seeking purity and divine assistance. They directly connect you with Akashic Records and contain ancient knowledge for you to access through deep meditation.


The inclusion of an enhydro may contain Petroleum and carbon aswell as gas water bubbles.


Enhydro Quartz - Medium

SKU: 723
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