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Crystals Packs - Kids

Comes in a cute little box.


What a great age to start learning and being curious about crystals. Having their own little crystal set, would be a great help to set them up to be mindful adults.


Kids love to touch and feel and these curated packs are designed just for that.. with a little extra love included.


Curated Kids Pack Includes:

1 x Rainbow Moonstone - New Beginnings

1 x Tourmalated Quartz - Protection

1 x Flower Agate Moon - Balancing

1 x Clear Quartz Natural Point - Master Healer Amplifier

1 x Rose Quartz Sphere - Unconditional Love


Please be mindful that these are small pieces. They are not designed for very small children. Please use your judgement before giving crystals to young kids. 


*All curated packs are hand-selected and are grouped through vibrational frequency.


Crystal Packs - Kids

SKU: 206
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