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Crystal Gummy Bears

Size: Approximately Bears 6.5cm, Bunnies 7.5cm (90g)

Material: Contains crystal tumblers, moulded with acrylic.


These are so cute we wish we could eat them!  But they are NOT edible. They are safer for younger kids to handle and a little less fragile than normal crystals, so they make a fun addition to a mini crystal collector.


Available in:

Purple - Kunzite Teddy Bear

Blue - Aquamarine Teddy Bear

Silver - Moonlight Ash Teddy (Flat Back)

Yellow - Citrine Bunny (Flat Back)

Pink - Rose Quartz Bunny (Flat Back)


Please Note: Flat Back means that these figurines don't have a back and are able to lay flat. Some edges may be sharp so we wouldn't recommend them for young kids. They are also made from Acrylic so handle them with care so they don't brake.


Crystal Gummy Bears

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