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Crystal Grid - Creative Fire - With Caressa

Size: Small: 25 x 25cm

*Sustainable Handmade Frame


Original art piece created for Zen Generation: September 2021 

Crystals: Vanadinite, Carnelian and Clear Quartz.


Coming all the way from the Netherlands. These Crystal Grids are individually channeled and come with a certificate of authentication, along with a brief about your divine Crystal Grid. 


Channeled message: Ignite the creative fire that lies within your being. Let the frequency of creation become your home frequency again. A remembrance, an activation of the self, home within.


From the Artist: Caressa

[In collaboration with MotherEarth]


"In my work as an artist, crystal healer and Reiki master I make contact with the crystals and work in deep collaboration with them, with mother earth, to create art and healing for the soul. Their wisdom is interwoven in everything I do. I believe that we all speak a ‘language’, the language of the stars for example, or the body, plants, and my language so happens to be the language of crystals. They speak to me in my dreams, they guide me on my path and are the best collaboration partners I could’ve ever wished for. Humbling me to my knees every time we get to work together and touch another soul. One crystal grid, one healing, one sacred moment at a time."

Crystal Grid - Creative Fire - With Caressa

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