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St Soleil 'Child Of The Universe' Honey Gold Edition • Oracle Deck & Book

**Featured in SLOW Journal.


{ Your Bundle Includes }
• Luxe Beige & Gold Oracle Deck
• Massive 480pg Guidebook with Linen Touch
• Organic hand died ritual/tarot cloth with raw edges
• Linen drawstring bag to store your tools


'Child Of The Universe' is a coveted, dreamy 60-Card Oracle Deck and Book Set that bridges the Heavens and Earth. It pulls together celestial and astrological energies to bring you complete guidance from Universal Source. It calls to starry-eyed beginners and advanced practitioners alike. The massive 480 page guidebook is an entire 'book' in its own right, here to guide you in expanding your knowledge deep into both the technical and magical realms of Astrology.

Created from astrological based elements, such as the Zodiac, Luna Phases, Planets and Luminaries and Guidance Cards in order to explore our spiritual life here on Earth. For those called to explore the stars with an affinity for all things Cosmos, then this deck is perfect for you as it combines heart based intuition with technical astrological information.

The New Luxe Gold Edition is a coveted item for your sacred space.


{ Features }

Card Deck:
• 60-Card Oracle Deck
• Gold foil design on front and back of every card
• Beautiful gold gilded card edges - for a touch of magic
• Luxe thick card stock
• Matte linen finish keepsake box with gold foil design and magnetic closure
• Traditional Tarot card size 2.75 x 4.75"/ 70 x 121mm

I. Lunar Phases & Energies x11 
II. Astrology Energies / Zodiac Signs x12
III. Planetary & Luminary Energies x11
IV. 'Celestial Wisdom’ Oracle Cards x26


 Thick hardcover cover book with velvety soft touch & gold foiling
• 480page Hard Cover Book with gold foil design with super soft-touch velvety feel
• Bookmark ribbon, so you never loose your place
• A cosmic map to guide you through each of the cards & beyond

Part 1. Getting Started | Creating the space, consecrating your cards, clearing your deck, asking questions, shuffling; cutting the deck, accessing your intuition, cleansing and charging the deck, simple meditations and more...
Part 2. Card Spreads
Part 3. About Numerology, Astrology and Advanced Esoteric Astrology
Part 4. Card Meanings | Lunar Energy, The Zodiac, Planetary Energies, Chakras and Celestial Guidances.
Part 5. FAQ’s, Troubleshooting, and Notes from the Authorm plus a section for your own notes.

St Soleil 'Child Of The Universe' Honey Gold Edition • Oracle Deck

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