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This Chalcopyrite Calcite Matrix Cluster is one for the collectors. 


Calcite is a very well known crystal, coming in a variety of forms and colours. It's a stone for opening up towards higher consciousness. Generally used for spiritual work, this piece is one for the wisdom and guidance seekers.


Also known as fool's gold, Chalcopyrite has similar benefits to Pyrite. It attracts prosperity and abundance.


Chalcopyrite Properties:

+ Promotes good physical health and emotional well-being

+ Focuses energy to helping you achieve your goals

+ Manifest wealth, prosperity and abundance

+ Uplifting and guides you towards insight 


Styling Tips: Centrepiece! Place on layer books. Coffee table styling!


Chalcopyrite Calcite Matrix Cluster - Medium

SKU: 334
$180.00 Regular Price
$126.00Sale Price


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