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Celestite Cluster (intuitively chosen for you)

Size: Medium 5-6cm

Origin: Madagascar

Clarity: deep blue to sky blue variations.


Celestite crystals emit a very high-vibration that connects you with the divine energy and the celestial realm. Used to strengthen your connection with the spiritual world and to stay in communication with your guardian angels and soul guides.


It is a very calming and soothing stone; bringing gentleness and peaceful energies, making it perfect for meditation and sleeping.


Celestite Properties:

+ Protection and connecting with guardian angels

+ Restores inner balance and uplifts your mood

+ Encourages creativity, especially in arts

+ Lifting and calming - perfect for meditation

+ Harmonious energies to encourage restful sleep

+ Alleviate nervousness for public speaking or singing


Styling Tips: This is definitely a sacred space or bedroom piece. The soft blue hues is easily styled with other light colour tones - think clear quartz slab and small bowls.


*Intuitively chosen - These will be chosen for you through vibrational frequency.


**These are B grade quality and are fragile.


Celestite Clusters - Medium

SKU: 99
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