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ESTER is an Emerald necklace, 5 Micron Gold Plated and Topaz pendant.

Measurement: 48cm


Emerald contributes to the harmony of relationships, within the family, the circle of friends or between two lovers. Favorable to friendship, it develops feelings of righteousness and understanding. Emerald also brings great inner calm and soothes the passions. It encourages kindness and openness to others. Emerald also helps us to settle old conflicts. It helps people with claustrophobic disorders. It is the stone of knowledge, encouraging learning and sharpening memory. 


+ Enhances unconditional love and friendship

+ Keeps partnerships in balance

+ Ensures physical, emotional and mental equilibrium

+ Brings harmony

+ Enhances the ability to enjoy life to the fullest

+ Opens clairvoyance

Bohemian Rhapsodie Paris - ESTER Necklace

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  • This product is hand made.

    The bases: Oiled thread, macrame and precious materials (3 micron gold plated/gold/precious and semi-precious stones).

    All the materials, all the stones come from Jaipur in India. Virtually all semi-precious stones are designed to be worn in water. The jewels do not move and everything is anti-allergic. However, it is strongly discouraged to wear stone necklaces to sleep.

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