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ELLA: Pyrite, Golden Rutile Quartz, Zircons and 5 Micron Gold Plating.

Measurement: 44cm


Pyrite is an excellent energy shield that brings negative energies back down to earth. It would stimulate the circulation of ideas by making it possible to tap into one's abilities and potential. It is unquestionably a support stone to help you with an excellent memory.


Pyrite also known as fool's gold. It is one very strong determination stone. Pyrite will help keep you focused until you have achieved your objectives and assist you in personal growth areas of success.


It’s a manifestation stone of luck, helping you to attract wealth, prosperity and abundance.


Pyrite Healing Properties:

+ Seals energy leaks and mends auric tears

+ Promotes good physical health and emotional well-being

+ Focuses energy to helping you achieve your goals

+ Manifest wealth, prosperity and abundance

+ Stimulates intellect and enhances memory

Bohemian Rhapsodie Paris - ELLA Necklace

SKU: BR003
  • This product is hand made.

    The bases: Oiled thread, macrame and precious materials (3 micron gold plated/gold/precious and semi-precious stones).

    All the materials, all the stones come from Jaipur in India. Virtually all semi-precious stones are designed to be worn in water. The jewels do not move and everything is anti-allergic. However, it is strongly discouraged to wear stone necklaces to sleep.

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