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AYIN in made from Pink Opali and 5 micron gold plated. The iris is made from Garnet.

Measurement (adjustable chain): 38 / 40.5 / 43 cm


Pink Opal is known to help ease anxiety and calm stress. It’s an emotional balancer that carries a very feminine vibration that radiates softness and gentleness. Opening the heart, encouraging love, and healing past love wounds.


Like other Opals, it brings inspiration, imagination and creativity. It can help release inhibitions and brings sweet dreams. Pink Opal clears and calms the heart and brings a sense of love, peace and tranquility to one's aura.


Pink Opal Benefits:

+ Emotional healing and balance

+ Centers the heart, aiding in emotional heart-ache

+ Calms excessive fear and worry

+ Relieves anxiousness while dissipating stress


All the stones are pre-selected and they are all different, which makes EVERY Ayin unique. 

Bohemian Rhapsodie Paris - AYIN Pink Opal Necklace

SKU: BR007
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