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AYIN is made from Larimar and 5 Micron Gold-Plated Silver. Her iris is Ruby.

Measurement (adjustable chain): 38 / 40.5 / 43 cm - It can be worn at different lengths.


Larimar, also called the ocean stone for its particular color. It is a semi-precious stone of a variety of blue pectolite which is found in the Dominican Republic. Its coloring varies from white to dark blue through different shades of blue. To have a larimar stone, is to have the energy of joie de vivre (joy of living), but also to acquire an unparalleled inner peace that will help you let go of what you can not control, while streamlining communication and expressions of creativity.

Bohemian Rhapsodie Paris - AYIN Larimar Necklace

SKU: BR004
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