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IBLA: Golden Rutile Quartz, Pyrite, 5 Micron Gold Plated and Black Silver Diamond Bars.

Measurement: 48cm


Rutilated Quartz is a powerful ally for mental and spiritual well-being. Its ideal for attracting love, in order to maintain stable, sincere and sentimental relationships in all aspects. It helps in particular to overcome shyness, by promoting frankness and sincerity, as well as self-confidence and independence. Rutilated quartz crystals help to keep negative energies and ill-intentioned people away from oneself. 


Rutilated Quartz is also a powerful manifestation stone and used during meditation or spiritual work as a channel, connecting you to the spiritual realm or light energy.


Usually set in clear quartz or smoky quartz. Its hairline structures act as an antenna connecting your thoughts while amplifying manifestation.  


Rutilated Quartz Properties:  

+ Helps you to release negative energy. 

+ Assist in realigning your aura. 

+ Accelerate manifestation. 

+ Channel Light energy for healing.

Bohemian Rhapsodie Paris - IBLA Necklace

SKU: BR001
  • This product is hand made.

    The bases: Oiled thread, macrame and precious materials (3 micron gold plated/gold/precious and semi-precious stones).

    All the materials, all the stones come from Jaipur in India. Virtually all semi-precious stones are designed to be worn in water. The jewels do not move and everything is anti-allergic. However, it is strongly discouraged to wear stone necklaces to sleep.

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