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Blue Tiger Eye / Hawks Eye Bracelet


Size: Measure your wrist size with a tape measure. 

Medium (Wrist size between 17 - 18cm)

Large (Wrist size between 18 - 19cm)


Blue Tiger Eye is also referred to as Hawk's Eye. It has all the same properties as a tiger eye but is considered a more superior stone, probably because of its regal blue tones.


It’s a great stone for inspirational guidance and provides deeper insight and awareness, allowing you to see from above, from a different perspective.  


Tiger Eye is the stone for confidence. It also is considered a lucky stone, drawing an abundance of good fortune towards the wearer. Used to help focus the mind, tiger eye assist in good judgement and integrity.  


Tiger Eye Properties:  

+ Brings good luck to the wearer 

+ Helps to balance and focus the mind  

+ Assist is problem-solving and encourages prospective and insight 

+ Builds confidence and deters procrastination 


Styling Tips: Wear the bracelet with your watch or on the opposite side to avoid scratching. You may also like to stack them for a little more energy boost. 


Blue Tiger Eye / Hawks Eye Bracelet

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