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Blue Sodalite XS Cubies

Size: XS 2cm, 12-15g


Sodalite is known as the stone of Logic. It promotes rational thinking and clears the mind, so that you may see things in a clearer light or a different perspective. 


It’s a tranquil stone and enhances intuition and strengthens self-discipline. 


Sodalite Properties: 

+ Helps with creativity and organisation 

+ Assist with anxiety, panic attacks and oversensitivity 

+ Blocks EMF’s and is highly beneficial for weaker immune systems.

+ Aids in confidence with public speaking

+ Useful for teachers, writers or students to gain a deeper understanding of philosophy.


*Our Raw, Tumbled or Cubies Stones are hand-selected and are chosen for you through vibrational frequency.


Blue Sodalite XS Cubies

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