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Aquamarine Polished Tower - Small

Size: 5.5 x 2cm, 30g


Aquamarine is the stone of reflection. It embodies the essence of the sea, connecting us to water and life. Associated with the Throat Charka, this stone helps us with communication, reflection in truth and awareness. 


It is a conductor in meditation and a great stone for healers and mystics. It aids in self-reflection and mirroring work, allowing us to explore our darkest truths.  



+ Exploration of life and improve relationships with others

+ Aids in communication, helping us speak more openly  

+ Useful for moving through transition and change.

+ Has cleansing energy, removing resistance. 

+ Soothing emotions such as loneliness or grief.  

Styling Tips: The tips are sharp so we would recommend you keep these in your sacred space. We like to place them next to a candle when we do our mindful practices. They have such a calm and soft energy.

Aquamarine Polished Tower - Small

SKU: 370
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